About the Judge

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Judge Nikki Kirkpatrick has always embraced the “Oklahoma way.” Raised in a household with limited resources, Kirkpatrick was taught the value of hard-work by her dedicated and persevering mother, who showed her that compassion and service cost nothing. Kirkpatrick began ardently serving in her community and church while still in high school.  While volunteering in the youth ministry, Kirkpatrick met her high school sweetheart, whom she later married.

Kirkpatrick continued to work hard in school and received numerous academic scholarships to attend college. During her undergraduate studies, she was enraptured with the study of the political process and how the law intersected with people’s everyday lives.  In a mere three and half years, Kirkpatrick graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Central Oklahoma. She furthered her education at the Oklahoma City University School of Law where she received her Juris Doctorate and numerous honors.

Upon graduation, Kirkpatrick immediately took a job as an attorney with the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office. There, she was able to excel as a trial lawyer—handling cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex homicides. During her tenure there, Kirkpatrick successfully tried and secured favorable verdicts in dozens of cases, achieving justice for numerous Oklahomans.  She specialized in assisting victims of domestic violence to achieve safety and justice through the court process, but Kirkpatrick believed her role went beyond successfully prosecuting cases. Her unique brand of pragmatism and compassion often led her to work toward safer and healthier outcomes for both victims and defendants by working with the judges, defense counsel, and local service providers to reduce intimate partner violence and homicides. It was her tireless work in this area that gained her the Governor’s Commendation in 2017 for distinguished service in the protection of Oklahoma victims of domestic violence.

From there, Kirkpatrick went to the Consumer Protection Unit at the Attorney General’s Office, where she served some of the most vulnerable citizens in our community.  There, she was able to assist consumers and the elderly who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous fraudsters. In just a few short years, she was able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution judgments for victims of financial crimes all over the State of Oklahoma.

Since taking the bench, nothing has changed about Judge Kirkpatrick’s dedication to helping others and supporting justice in our community. In addition to her work on the bench, Judge Kirkpatrick and her family currently serve at their church in the children’s, worship and prayer ministries, and also in various other community projects. Judge Kirkpatrick is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Oklahoma County Courthouse as District Judge and is committed to continuing her lifelong work of serving with excellence and compassion.